Ian Clayton is the founder of Son of Thunder Ministries. He speaks globally, training and equipping believers to personally experience the realms of Heaven.
Ian Clayton is one of the fathers of current heavenly realms understanding. His original, ground-breaking teaching and practical insights, gained over more than 25 years, have changed the way our generation experiences accessing the realms of Heaven that Jesus has opened to us.

Realms of the Kingdom will equip believers with the reality of what it means to be ‘in the spirit’ and in the realms of God, enabling them to know and experience who the person of God really is.
These books will be a valuable resource enabling you to actively participate with and know your Father God, not just doing things for Him. These books are for those who want to see the reality of the supernatural realms of Heaven and the return of the sons of the Kingdom to their rightful place as heirs.
Volume 1 and Volume 2 will lead you on a journey through Ian’s experiences in heavenly realms and includes spiritual steps and prayer activations enabling you to understand and enter these realms for yourself.
These books include:
Eden I The River I The Dark Cloud I The Courtroom of God I The Seven Spirits Of God I Spirit / Soul Gateways I Spiritual Crowns
Four Chambers of the Heart I Building a Garden in your Heart I The devil’s Trophy Room I
Four Faces of God I Familiar Spirits I Dealing with Spiritual Attack I Heavenly Trading & Understanding Angels