Gateways of the Three-Fold Nature of Man


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Ian Clayton’s Gateways of the Three-Fold Nature of Man seeks to equip believers with the reality of what it means to “be in the spirit” and in the realms of God, enabling them to know and experience who the person of God really is. It will be a valuable resource to help you actively participate in building with your Father God, not just doing things for Him, but also seeing the reality of the supernatural realms of Heaven and the return of the sons of the Kingdom to their rightful place as heirs.

In this manual Ian sets out the gateways of our spirit man, our soul gateways and the five sense gateways of our body. Starting with our inner gateway of love where the glory of God meets us, Ian illustrates the need to keep our gateways clear and open for the love of God to flow unhindered through and out of us into the world.