LIMITED EDITION – “The Priesthood of Believers” – Hardback – 303 Pages


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Your Invitation as a priest to your heavenly Father
The sons of YHVH have a crucial mission: to usher in the new Heaven and earth. In order to govern as the kings and administrate as His priests as we are mandated to be, we must understand how the Kingdom of YHVH operates. In The Priesthood of Believers, Ian Clayton lays out revelation and points to biblical evidence of the role we are to fulfill both in the earth and in Kingdom realms.
Daniel, Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, Jonah, and Hannah provide some of the keys to our priesthood. In order to be a priest of YHVH, we must know the answers to questions like these: How do we approach the Throne of Grace? What does it mean to be judged in the Mobile Court? Who makes up the Councils and what are the protocols of the various Courts of Heaven?
We have a biblical mandate to fulfill our scroll as a priest of our Father. YHVH displayed a priesthood first through the High Priest of Israel and then through YHSVH’s priesthood to humanity and then passed the responsibility to us to become the priests of our Father. Additionally, the canopy of angels stands with us, because as scripture says, we are in Him, and when we see as He sees we become the sons and priests He predestined us to be.
The journey you are invited onto in the pages of this book, features illustrations and takes you with Ian Clayton through chapters including:
• The Throne of Grace
• Heaven’s Court Systems
• The Mobile Court
• Man in the Fire
• The Canopy of Angel
• Living from a different Kingdom
This Limited Edition also includes a bonus section on the Shin Ghah Do and two extra chapters:
• Human Genetics
• Ezekiel’s Process of Maturity Through His Priesthood

Ian Clayton is the founder of Son of Thunder Ministries. He speaks globally, training and equipping believers to personally experience the realms of Heaven. Ian Clayton is one of the fathers of current heavenly realms understanding. His original, ground-breaking teaching and practical insights, gained over the last 30 years, have changed the way our generation experience accessing the realms of Heaven that Jesus has opened to us.